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The Virginia Family and Private Business Forum, located in Richmond, Virginia, USA, was formed to provide education and consultative services to assist dynamic and progressive family firms throughout the region. The Forum focuses on many of the unique problems encountered by family firms. The Forum is housed in the Business School at Virginia Commonwealth University.
The Forum features a variety of programs. These seminars feature leading experts and family business owners who address current issues of importance to family firms. The format of these seminars provides business owners the opportunity to benefit, from the experiences of their peers.
The Forum also includes affinity groups, news updates and resource materials for members.

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To enhance the stability, productivity, and role of the family business in the Commonwealth.
To increase public awareness of the vital role of family business in the economy of the Commonwealth.
To provide executive development and skill enhancement programs to owners and employees of family firms.
To provide a dialogue for problem solving, issues analyses, and relationship building for family business owners, key employees, and family members.
To provide information and programs that enhance successful transfer and preservation of family firms from generation to generation.

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