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There are six common CEO exit styles used in a family business.


The Monarch sees themselves as either the king of queen of the business. The Monarch will not leave their leadership role unless forced to because they opperate under the assumption that they will die with their crowns on. A Monarch can not stand the thought of handing over their business to someone else and usually will take their leadership position with them to the grave. Once the Monarch dies chaos will soon follow within the business. Since the successors were never given the leadership role they are not familiar with the proper ways of running a company. The successor is never trained properly becuase the Monarch feels that no one can be as good as they are.


The General retires from the business with hopes of someday returning to the business to reasume the leadership role. When the general retires it is never a full retirement. The General waits for the successor to make a mistake so that he can return and "save the day". Successors must learn to enjoy their times of control because they are often short lived. The General wants nothing more to see them fail and have the business look as if it were going to fail, so that their retirement looks premature.


The Ambasadors are the coaching type that takes their time to retire from the company and make room for the next generation and the top non-family members to step up and take control. They will proceed slowly with their reitement to make sure that the business is in good hands with the successor, and that the successor is fully qualified and capable of coming into the leadership position. The Amabasador has the business in mind and will not let anyone who is not ready take over the day to day operations of the business.


The Governor is the type of leader that plans for his retirement. The Governor has the business in mind when they decide to set the date for their departure because this gives the business a time frame to figure out who the successor will be and to get them trained. Another tactic that the governor uses is to publically announce the date of his or her retirement so that there is no way of getting around the training of the new successor. They make sure the successor is trained and in ready to take over by the time of the departure date.


The Inventor is the type of leader that starts something with a dream and sees it all the way through. They usually get their sons and daughters involved in the business and pass it down to them when they are prepared to leave. But when an Inventor leaves it's not to retire, is it so they can go and start on another dream. The Inventor will set up their first business in a manner that will allow the next generation to lead the same bussiness just as successfully. Once they are ready its off to the next idea and dream. They don't stop working on their dreams and doing what makes them happy.


The Transition Czar is a leader that is going to be there to help the next generation or the successor through the whole process. They are going to do whatever it takes to get them prepared for the job. Once the transition Czar retires they become a coach for the next generation and help them through the transition process. This process is very leadership based and the Czar knows how to teach the successor to treat management and business related materials as the CEO and any family matters as a member of the family so that everyone will stay close and no interpersonal problems will arise.