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Sibling Rivalry
Sibling rivalry is most often associated with children, siblings struggling for their parent’s attentions. Unfortunately, rivalry can continue to grow and develop throughout an individual’s life. In a family business, struggle for parent’s attention is often still an issue.

Kinds of Rivalry:
Sibling rivalry can be split up into two distinct categories. It can either be considered emotional or strategic. Both kinds of rivalry have a unique set of characteristics and signs. Emotional rivalry can be thought of issues for each individual. Strategic rivalry can be thought of as issues between siblings. Finding solutions for rivalry in family businesses is dependent on knowing what kind of rivalry is taking place. However, kinds of rivalry are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to have both kinds of rivalry interacting.

At the foundation of emotional sibling rivalry are issues with self-esteem. Therefore, solutions must be based on methods that encourage adult development and individual maturity of each sibling. These are issues that were often obtained as a kid and continue to grow throughout one’s lifetime. A key to emotional sibling rivalry is understanding that the root of the problem is not between siblings, but the demand for attention and growth from each individual.
Solution: Forcing employment outside of the family business often helps solve issues with emotional rivalry.

Strategic rivalry is rooted in conflict over business styles and strategies. Often times strategic rivalry is derived from differences in personalities. In family businesses the issues normally relate to business decisions around the direction of the company or financial decisions. Solution: In family businesses, solutions to strategic rivalry issues need business solutions rather than personal psychological growth.

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