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Search engine marketing, a form of advertising which was made popular with the mainstream introduction of Google Adwords and DoubleClick in the early 2000’s, uses search engines and particular keywords to get visitors to a Web site.

How it works

Search engine marketing works by bidding on certain keywords, then having your advertisement served when a user visits the search engine and types in that keyword.

Bidding options

There are three types of keyword bidding options: broad, phrase, and exact. Broad match means than any variation or queries that contain that keyword could show your ad. Phrase means that search engines will use the phrase. For example, if you bid on “college of business”, your ad could be served for “Toledo college of business” or “college of business in toledo ohio.” Exact means that your ad will only be served for that exact keyword or phrase. For example, if you bid on “college of business” with exact settings, your ad will only be served for “college of business.”

Tools to use

The most widely-used set of tools are located at http://www.seomoz.org/tools and http://tools.seobook.com/.

Websites to read

These websites frequently write on search / contain content about search engine marketing.

This wiki entry was added by Dave Rigotti (@drigotti on Twitter), an honors student at The University of Toledo majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing. Dave is also the owner of Freezing Hot, an Internet marketing company that services clients nationwide.