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The San Diego State University EMC Business Forum, located in San Diego, California, USA, drives the growth and development of closely held and family business members by providing entrepreneurial education, training programs, resources and peer support.


The mission of the EMC Business Forum at SDSU is to:
  • Build critical management skills associated with family/closely-held businesses through educational curriculum, materials, and events.
  • Facilitate peer support and productive networking opportunities that enable sharing of best practices and resolution of critical issues.
  • Conduct relevant research on business growth to identify trends and approaches which drive tangible business results.


The EMC’s Business Forum at SDSU was conceived to provide comprehensive resources on issues influencing growth such as transgenerational entrepreneurship; family relationships; traditions and values; power, control and compensation; roles and responsibilities; legal, financial and other planning issues around leadership succession and ownership transfer. A University-based program that integrates academic learning with practical strategic tools drives member company value creation and ensures prosperity. Considerable sponsor resources and an efficient member networking system further help companies to better recognize opportunities and overcome challenges, promoting longer-term growth and success through the generations.
The overarching goal of the EMC’s Business Forum at SDSU is to nurture its member companies with the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to thrive in San Diego’s entrepreneurial and fertile business environment.

Forum Components

Educational Programs
§ Quarterly Seminars and Training Programs (on critical growth issues)
§ Monthly Roundtable workshops from September through May
§ One-on-One Company Workshops
§ Family Business Management Course for Graduate Students and their Parents.
§ Quarterly newsletter
§ Participation in EMC’s virtual community
§ Access to sponsors’ professional resources
§ Dedicated video library (e.g. http://lenny.uvm.edu/Research/FamBus/Videos.htm)
§ MBA internship program
§ Identification of Critical Success Factors for Forum members – San Diego region
§ Participation in national surveys and reports
§ Access to faculty research and publication data

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