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Christie McKenzie
36 years old
Vice President and Owner
Supplemental Staffing

Supplemental Staffing is a temporary staffing service with offices in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. The company was founded by Christie's parents Malcolm and Peggy Richards in 1978. Supplemental Staffing has worked in over 25 states in the U.S. as well as in Europe and Asia.

Current Responsibilities
Christie is a second generation Vice President/Owner in charge of the service/operations of Supplemental Staffing's six corporations. She is responsible for recruting, training, auditing of processes, mentoring as well as monitoring day-to-day operations ensuring best practices are in place and being used. She also assists with continuous improvement in the IT operating systems and training the staff on how to use different software systems in the most efficient manner. Christie is a member of the company's advisory board and helps to develop and implement strategies along with assisting in mergers and acquisitions.

Managing a Remote Office
"Our office in Bowling Green had never had family management, and it was not conforming to the Toledo office. I stepped out of my role of filling orders, hiring and firing and took on the responsibility of managing the Bowling Green office. It turned out that the employee who had been managing that office had a personal problem which led them to stop showing up for work -- so I was on my own. It all went great. Over the course of six years we grew the office to the point that it was almost as profitable as our home office in Toledo."

Christie's parents are still actively involved in the business. Christie's husband also serves in a leadership role. Her sister is a part-time employee.

Ms. McKenzie was nominated for the "10 Under 40" Award by Cory McKenzie.

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