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Categories of Wiki Encyclopedia Articles

Business performance

Ethics . Growth . Information technology . Process improvement . Sales and marketing . Strategy


Family functioning . Family governance . Family members in the business

Financial management

Chief financial officer . Compensation and benefits . Control . Financing . Operating plan . Risk management . Selling the business

Individual development and planning

Assessment . Career planning . Life planning . Retirement . Stress .


Developing employees and managers . Developing family members for management and leadership . Effective management and leadership . Human resources . Management challenges in each generation of the family business . Non-family employees . Recruitment, selection and retention of key managers . Women managers and leaders


Buying out family members . Exiting the business . Governance . Ownership structures . Shareholders . Shares

Preparing for contingencies

Death and disability . Disaster . Divorce . Insurance . Safety and security

Succession planning

Planning for succession . Succession of management . Succession of ownership

Transferring assets

Estate planning . Exit planning . Transfering ownership

Using advisors to the family business

Types of advisors . Using advisors effectively .

Wealth management

Children and wealth . Family office . Financial planning . Liquidity event . Philanthropy


A list of Family Business Wiki articles which are very short -- but which can be expanded upon into encyclopedia-type articles.