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Career planning in a family business has to address issues which are above and beyond career planning issues in a non-family business such as: the potential for working outside of the family business before entering the family business; winning the confidence of family members and non-family members; and being coached and mentors by both family members and non-family members. Career planning starts as early as when the person enters high school. There are classes offered in high school that help start you on the path to your career. These classes may not be related to your possible field but they will help towards the goal. They are classes that teach you how to write a resume and classes that teach you how to conduct a proper job interview. There are some high schools that have technology programs that may teach your career choice. For example many technology programs include dental, food industry, and forest and natural resources programs.
But school is not only part of career planning. In any job you have to know what you are doing and continue to increase your knowledge to continue with the change that is happening everyday. The biggest part of career planning is getting out there and trying new things within your career. This will make you a stronger person and if your career isn’t within the family business it will make you look stronger to your future employer.
When in the family business career planning should be talked about between family members. Career planning for an individual is not just about the individual as the outcome will effect everyone who is apart of the business. Sit down and talk about the chance to go somewhere else before returning to the business. To help with the career planning process make a list of goals and a small timeline to help put the planning into motion. Have some idea of where you might want to be within two to five years.

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