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Topic: When Family Businesses are Best
Speaker: Randel Carlock
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Moderator: Donald Levitt

Participating Locations:
  • CAFE (Canadian Association of Family Enterprise) Calgary Chapter
  • Prairie Family Business Association
  • Stetson University
  • University of Alberta

Pre-read: When Family Businesses Are Best by Randel Carlock and John L. Ward.

Section One: The Parallel Planning Process

Family business planning is a challenge because families are about caring and businesses are about performance—not a likely formula for a successful partnership. Unfortunately those are the facts and family enterprises around the world have found that the Parallel Planning Process for these two often-conflicting systems is critical to family harmony and business success. They both share the issue of managing transitions in leadership, strategy and ownership.

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Section Two: Communication, Planning and Governance

Business families have ONLY ONE tool to improve performance -- communications. Communications improve family functioning and business performance, and planning and governance are the tools that support communication. The most effective families are proactive in their planning and decision-making for both the family and the business system.

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Section Three: Stewardship

Stewardship is an overriding value in high performing family businesses. We examine each of the five Parallel Planning Process steps and discuss how – when properly implemented –they help a family-owned enterprise to create value across a range of family activities.

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