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"Sharing family business knowledge around the world" -- creating a publicly available resource for family businesses around the world.


To be the "Wikipedia" and "LinkedIn" for family business -- the first-stop global resource for knowledge and links to other resources and people in family business.

Guiding Principles

1. Provide recognition to those who add to Family Business Wiki -- and in that way encourage the creation and editing of pages.
2. Remain "brand neutral" -- not identifying with or aligning with specific family businesses, family business advisors, or centers for family business.
3. Keep costs low by utilizing volunteer efforts to build and maintain articles.
4. Use limited advertising on the Wiki to cover costs.

Board of Advisors

Chair: Debbe Skutch, Director, University of Toledo Center for Family Business, Toledo, Ohio, USA
Kevin Au, Department of Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong Centre for Entrepreneurship, Hong Kong
Tony Balshaw, Managing Partner, Grant Thornton-Eastern Cape, East London, South Africa
Carmen Bianchi, Director, The EMC Business Forum, San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA
Andrew H. Curoe, Partner, Bodman LLP, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Dennis T. Jaffe, Professor, Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco, California, USA
Ken McCracken, Co-Founder, Family Business Solutions Limited, Glasgow, Scotland
Gina Chammas Mrad, General Manager and Founder, Tomorrow's Advice s.a.r.l.,Baabda, Lebanon
Denise Pare-Julien, Business Families Foundation, Montreal, Canada
Panikkos Poutziouris, Associate Professor, Cyprus International Institute of Managment, Nicosia, Cyprus
Krishna Sagar Rao, CEO, Matrix Mentoring Pvt.ltd, Hyderabad, India
Guillermo Salazar, CEO, ICO, CA, Valencia, Venezuela
Cheryl Stein, President, Stein Consulting and Coaching, Montreal, Canada
Daniel G. Van Der Vliet, Director, Vermont Family Business Initiative, Burlington, Vermont, USA
Rene Werner, Founder and Managing Director, Werner & Associados, Sao Paulo, Brasil


Donald Levitt, Founder, Family Business Wiki dlevitt@familybusinesswiki.org
Direct questions or comments about Family Business Wiki to info@familybusinesswiki.org

Category Champions

Category Champions are responsible for monitoring changes to their respective categories in Family Business Wiki. If you are interested in becoming a Category Champion, please let us know at info@familybusinesswiki.org .


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